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Internet anonymity gives you security and safety from hackers. Our affordable VPN service encrypts your Internet usage and protects your identity, improving your security online.

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Once you connect to one of our VPN servers, you will be given a completely anonymous IP address: no one can trace your data traffic back to you. We also use the same encryption standards that governments all over the world use to maintain their data security. These measures ensure that both your identity and your data traffic are protected.

The best thing about having a free VPN account with us is that you will have total access to the World Wide Web regardless of government censorship or region blocking. You can access Facebook, MSN, Skype, ICQ, and other services even if your country blocks them. For example: Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and many many more entertainment streaming services. Our free VPN USA service also lets you bypass filters and proxy servers imposed by your ISP, school, or office, giving you anonymous, secure, and unrestricted Internet surfing no matter where you are.

Its compatible WITH ALL operating systems, WITH ALL smartphones and tables in the market today! Even without the need to install any extra software.

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We have 97% customer satisfaction. Clients are invited by our system to rate us after you complete 1 month as a client, based on these results we have been rated 97% our of 100% satisfaction.