Frequently Asked Questions

  • The most frequent: I’m a bit confused, Can you explain me exactly how this works?

    What we sell technically is called VPN. A VPN connection can be configured in your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or any device with Android. Once connected to our business-grade VPN servers you can start navigating the internet with your own USA IP address, exactly like if you were physically connecting from the United States.

    That’s why all the streaming services that do not yet are available outside the US will be open and ready for you to enjoy!

    Now that is, as we explained, from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android. Things change when you want to access and enjoy USA services DIRECTLY from your Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Console or any other Streaming box.

    These devices DO NOT have the ability to configure and use a VPN connection, because their operating system is not as big and complex as a desktop computer. This is where our VPN Router comes in!

    This specially modified Router will do all the complex stuff for you. Its 100% PLUG-N-PLAY. That means you just need to connect 2 cables: one Ethernet cable to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) Router that gives you internet and then the A/C Power cable.

    Once connected and powered on, this VPN Router will start broadcasting a new Wi-Fi Network in your place, this new Wi-Fi is called “USA IP….” So all you have to do now is connect ANY DEVICE you want to this new Wifi and it will have USA Internet! … Yep, is that simple!

    Of course you can still connect up to 4 devices via Ethernet cable to the LAN Ports of this new VPN Router to have USA IP Address as well.

  • Is it legal?

    Of course its legal, 100% legal! We offer a service that converts the IP of your internet connection to USA. Therefore you get INSTANT access to ALL entertainment streaming services exclusive for U.S. residents.

  • Which services will I be avble to enjoy?

    Lots! From the USA Catalog of NETFLIX to the blockbuster’s only available in Vudu or complete and up-to-date TV Series thanks to Hulu. For music streaming services there are Pandora, Spotify, Vevo, Last FM and many, many more.

  • Your service also includes membership to Netflix, Hulu, etc?

    No. Our service DO NOT grant you access to paid services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and more. You will have to buy and pay the different services you want to enjoy. We’re NOT associated to ANY streaming service, we are and we sell USA IP Address’s. It’s YOUR responsibility to buy and pay for the services you want to enjoy.

  • Which Payment Methods do you accept?
  • How soon will I receive my order?

    Your New VPN Router will be configured and tested by hand by our technician’s team prior shipping. We’ll ship same day if your payment is received before 3PM (CST), otherwise we will ship it next working day.

    Or if you prefer it, you can also pick it up at our studio located in “La Canacinta”, Ajijic, Jalisco.

  • Do you sell membership access to Netflix, Hulu or any other paid streaming service?

    We DO NOT sell such thing. We’re not affiliated to ANY streaming service. With our service you will navigate the internet with your own USA IP address, thus unblocking the access to such services that otherwise are unavailable abroad. It’s your decision and responsibility to buy and pay your own subscriptions.

  • The VPN Router that you sell, will replace my current ISP (Infinitum) Router-Modem?

    No. Our VPN Router NEEDS TO BE CONNECTED to your IPS Router-modem in order for it to work. That’s how this VPN Router will obtain INTERNET and then “convert” it to a USA IP Address Internet allowing ANY device that you connect to it to have a USA IP address.

  • Do you offer any type of satisfaction or money back warranty?

    Of course we do! Buy with confidence because from the moment your VPN Router arrives at your house you will have 1 week to try things out, if FOR ANY REASON our service do not convince you, if our service do not work exactly as we promise it will do or simply if you don’t absolutely LOVE it!, just return it and you will get your money back. No questions asked!

    We’re that confident that you will LOVE our service, that much that (hopefully) you will start passing the word to your friends and family about us, which in fact is absolutely important to us =)

  • If I buy the VPN Router, Would you give me the VPN credentials to use it while away from home?

    Of Course! Normally we do not give that information to our VPN Router customers to avoid possible disconnections problems due to the fact that our VPN Servers ONLY allow ONE connection from the same VPN Account at the same time.

    Just please take note that when you make use of your VPN account, for example in your iPhone, iPad or Android to make use of Pandora in a party while away from your VPN Router this WILL disconnect your VPN Router at your home. If this shall happen, and your Router at home is not giving USA IP address you just need to UNPLUG it from the A/C Power, wait 10 seconds and plug in back on.

    You can request your VPN account and configure steps information by submitting a support ticket.

Soon we’ll update this FAQ with more information. If you still have any questions please Contact us.